5 Yummy Packaged Snacks for Toddler -TRADER JOES

Trader Joes is one of my favorite stores and I’m in there on a weekly basis!  It’s always best to have and give natural fruit as a snack  but for those moments when you want to mix it up, here are my top 5 packaged snacks to offer your little one:

Organic Unsweetened Coconut Chips
Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.48.17 PM.png

Roasted Seaweed              

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.37.16 PM.png

Freeze Dried Strawberries

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.41.13 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.44.00 PM.png

Organic Smoothie

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.46.50 PM.png


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